You are not your slides, foils or whitepaper, so how do you

Find your voice in a noisy world?

And if you found it, how would you make it easy for people to hear you?

And if they could hear you, what would you do with that opportunity to change hearts and minds?

Great communication starts with a clear intention

and connects authentically

Transforms hearts and minds

In it to win it!

Our intention is to guide and inspire leaders to be real and relevant heroes in their own stories and the stories of their organizations and causes – heroes who transform hearts and minds and create solutions for a vibrant and peaceful world.
We guide

We guide

we treat communication as an athletic endeavor, building performance discipline
And inspire

And inspire

we help others find their voice and use it to be heard in a noisy world
To transform

To transform

our clients gain confidence, express more fully and move to the next level
Hearts and minds

Hearts and minds

our clients connect and influence with impact beyond the ordinary

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What is vocal impact and how do you create it?

Vocal impact is what happens when you can hear a pin drop in the room when you are speaking to a crowd. It’s what happens when you ace the interview, have a conversation that captures someone’s imagination, or soothe the savage beast in your employee. It’s what you need when you want to persuade, pitch or perform.

Here’s more about the “how”

We Share Our Experience

We are accomplished practitioners and master practitioners who have been studying and teaching this for a long time. We do what we coach.

We Measure and Monitor

We have developed proprietary methods and tools, and we use those to mature and measure skills for predictable results.

We Create Lasting Change

We use a science-based, performance proven behavioral change process that’s sticky, and it works.

We Give Feedback

Our observations and critiques are as important to us as the coaching sessions. We provide detailed reports with actionable content for continuous learning – and we don’t coach and tell.

Claim Your Superpower

We guide our clients to express more fully, to step up to the next level, to influence beyond the ordinary. They are heroes who transform hearts and minds to create a more vibrant and peaceful world.

Our Clients:

  • Eliminate slavery from the supply chain.

    Sustainability Champion
    Sustainability Champion
  • Deliver life-changing education to remote corners of the globe.

    Tech Pioneer
  • Develop stem-cell solutions that cure cancer.

    Medical Research Pioneer
  • Enable small businesses with big ideas to compete and win in the digital economy.

    Technology Collaborator
  • Deliver real-time, life-saving remote medical monitoring – around the globe.

  • Transform global support processes to be more efficient, more effective and more FUN for both customers and workers.

    Transformational Leader

Find your voice and increase your impact today!

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