A Resolution Worth Keeping

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Business person stepping past the year 2021 into the year 2022

People all over the world carry out the tradition of setting a goal or resolution for the upcoming year. For most, these resolutions involve change they want to employ within their lives. Some of the most common resolutions include losing weight, getting organized, spending more time with loved ones, learning a new skill, and saving money. But this year, with all the angst and uncertainty we encounter every day, make a resolution that will impact not only your life, but the lives of those around you as well. Effective communication is a tool that can bring unity amongst the divides, and clarity where things are fuzzy. A resolution to improve communication even if it’s one person at a time could change the situation for you and those in your sphere of influence, whether large or small.

Our resolution for 2022 is to empower more people with more opportunities to learn how to create effective, clear communication. To that end, we’ve created a free e-book on the subject. Our e-book Transformative Communication explains how communication impact is created through the alignment of Intention, Story, and Presence and gives plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea. And the e-book is free to download here. Give it a try. Resolving to create a better world is a resolution worth keeping. 

Book Cover: Transformative Communication
Intention, Story, and Presence

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