Finally, a 2015 Trend You Can Really Use

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Man holding 2016 dices for the new year

2015 in review from the standpoint of Google searches tells a lot about what interests people.  Although my own little year in review is based on searches too, I admit that it cannot compete with the search trends that lead to results such as the Kardashians’ lips or pumpkin seed recipes.  No, people find me because they look for information on “How to sing in a bar,” “remedies for tired voice,” “how to get rid of a frog in your voice,” or my current favorite, “pillow screaming methods to permanently damage the voice.”  Obviously, I don’t understand the complexities of search engines since I have no idea how pillow screaming got someone to my site.

However, the analytics on my blog have determined that your favorite post this year was one of my more serious posts, which helps support my belief that I have something to say that matters and that you actually want to hear it.  Therefore, here it is again, the most popular post of 2015 on Kate’s Voice, How to create a strong voice, Part 1:Resonate. Please share the post while humming “Auld Lang Syne” using mask resonance, and have a wonderful holiday season.  I’ll be back in January with a post on how to get the most out of your voice in 2016.

Thanks for following and taking my message to heart.  I do this because I believe that the world would be a much better place if we would all just communicate more effectively, and recent events have demonstrated a big need for improvements.  This holiday season, enjoy the music and the mistletoe and keep talking to each other!

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